Design Ideas for the Border to My Dry Erase Board Wall

So I had an idea for our apartment – a dry erase board wall. We’ve got stick-able dry erase surfaces in our office walls, and it’s a really unique experience to write on directly on the walls. The only problem is when you erase things, the bordering wall gets dirty. Hence, I need ideas for a border.

dry erase paint wall idea suggestions
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Since we all know the best finished products come through collaboration, I’m looking to collaborate with your suggestions. I’m using only gray paint for a very neutral feel that won’t overpower my space. Leave your suggestions in the comments below and if I pick yours, you’ll recognize it in the next picture I post.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.



2 thoughts on “Design Ideas for the Border to My Dry Erase Board Wall

  1. Put up a wood border that is smooth and polished enough to also write on with a dry erase marker. This will stop the erase smears on the wall, and the elevated nature of the wood off the wall will keep any writing and erasing on the wood from spraying willy nilly. holla

  2. Hello fellow blogger!

    I think it would be fun if you made it look like a cloud or thought bubble. If anything smudges on the paint, it will just add dimension to the cloud.

    A brain or a thinking cap could also be interesting (depending on you painting abilities:).

    Happy painting!

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