Advertising Tips: David Ogilvy’s 11 Commandments for Building Great Campaigns

Click here for Ogilvy’s 11 Commandments along with how to get clients, keep clients, write potent copy, and create illustrations.

Something I wish I could’ve done more of in college is morph books into useful, memorable graphics. I’m wrapping up a few books right now, and so follows these quotes from David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man. Some claim it’s a bit outdated, and I will agree, there is quite a contrast with the way an advertiser approaches the consumer today. There really isn’t anything in the book about campaigns that help people other than having helpful messages, but the 1960s were a different time. Still, I think all of these points ring true today.

Click the poster to print, if you like. You may have to zoom in the new window first!

Ogilvy quotes on how to build great campaigns poster

#12. Click this, print it out, and tell all your friends where you found it.

Prepare yourself for a few more of these…


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