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Post-Work Professional Development

Wharton Business School Marketing 101 Certification Moz.com Collaborative Online Marketing Presentation Adwords Search Certified May 2013


Multi-Media Collection

Indy 5x5 Technology Installation Entry Wabash Library Interactive Flash Project 'Steal the Bell' Interactive Flash Animation
Disguised Curtain Mural Tutorial Video for TravelProducts.com's Sleep Kit Physics Mary Poppins Mythbusters Video. Can she really descend safely?


Design label

Travel Notebook Infographic Ball State Architecture Portfolio Kyle Bender Business Cards
Navigational Music Star Infographic Sunglass Collection T-Shirts for Bi-Annual Family Reunion One Click Illustrated Company Blog Post


copywriting paper label

Cycling Sunglasses Blog Post for SunglassWarehouse.com Pay-Per-Click Ad Portfolio Moz.com Page Rank vs CR Study
Beer Blog Post for Fedoras.com Men's Fashion Blog Post for Fedoras.com Cannes 2012 Critique on Droga5 Help Campaign
Graphic & Reflection on Ariely's Predictably Irrational Chipotle Cannes Analysis

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