Adwords Ad Copy Portfolio

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising

The goal: 1. To be as relevant to the query yet as humanistic and authentic as possible while staying true to the brand’s identity to ultimately earn higher Click-Through-Rates and Conversion Rates by qualifying leads, and 2. To be better than the competition at all times.


Relevant Ad Copy

Long tail keyword copy tailored whose main goal was relevancy to the search query to earn a higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

0 REA Clark Kent Reading Glasses

0 REA Small Reading Glasses

0 TFS Stratoliner

Relational Ad Copy

Ad copy aimed to sympathize with the searcher while using keywords in the copy for a bolder, more click-attractive advertisement through situational or time-relevant copy.

0 SDN 1

0 SW Kids Sunglasses

0 SW John Lennon

0 SW 'sunglasses'


Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Advertising

Paid search ads using the social hashtag to promote social media campaign awareness while garnering trust.


0 REA 'reading glasses'

Men’s Sunglasses Voice Ad Copy Testing

Ad copy that tested a more relaxed masculine voice. We found that an ad with more personality only earns more clicks than its opposing control ad when both the headline and supporting copy contain keywords in the search query for bolding purposes.

0 SW Oversized Ad

0 SW Reynolds Stache

0 SW Lookinsweetburg

Aspirational Ad Copy

Ad copy addressing high fashion ideals. Again, query-specific terms in the headline and lines one and two perform best. However, branding impact is a tougher measurement, as it feels the ad portrays the most personality.

0 SW Women's Round - Creative

Mobile-Tailored Ad Copy

Ad copy appealing specifically to mobile users with a more relevant SERP experience to ultimately increase clicks and conversions.


0 Mobile 1 0 Mobile 2


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